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tvcharacter20 - Closed

August 1, 2010 - May 16, 2017
77 rounds, 1,837 entries and 222 participants later, this community is now off of the air. Thanks for the memories!

If I do decide to run the community again (no current plans to do so), it will be here at DW. You can find me over there under username hermionesparkles. Feel free to add me!

If you still wish to follow me in whatever fandom journeys I get into next then please check out the following: lims_btvs, royaldcaps, my Twitter, or bookmark my domain.
buffy ; willow ; that was nifty

Banners - Round 77 (all)

Thank you for participating in the last round here at LJ!

All banners are uploaded via Photobucket. Please save to your computer and do not hot link.

This batch of banners is for round #77.

Banners behind this cut for: erinm_4600, chayiana, icy_imaginary, kolibrichen, sandy79, littlemissnovel, & shadowhunter.

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Round #77 - Voting - Tie Breakers - Part 3

Yes, we are onto part 3 of the tie breakers because I realized while coding the winners post that I am giant idiot and somehow wrote down the wrong letter for the artist's choice set. Therefore the wrong icons were in the tie breaker and we need to redo the voting for that particular poll. I am SO sorry! I am not even sure how I did that. Half asleep modding problems apparently. *shakes head* I checked the other polls and apparently I wrote down everything else correctly (I hope, have doubts now, haha!). Thanks to you all for being patient. Winners will hopefully be posted tomorrow!

Artist's Choice Set
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